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Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong · “Dream a Little Dream of Me”


ANNA & EVE project, 2005-2010by Viktoria Sorochinski


ANNA & EVE project, 2005-2010
by Viktoria Sorochinski

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"…Years of love have been forgot
In the hatred of a minute." 

Poe, Edgar Allan. “To M—.”  (via eternelle-ritournelle)

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This is dreamy and stunning and I’m in love with it. 

It’s been a night
Such a night
Such a long night
Watch myself disappear
Into the wild side
Said good bye to hard side
Sang, saw a jackal appear

Every road, that’s wrong
Seems like the road, I’m on
Every sign just seems unclear
Won’t you come switch me on
Don’t know where I’ve gone
And I, I wish I was here

[Verse 2: Cat Power (Cat Power and Coldplay)]
In a fight, such a fight
You love our fight
I’m not lying, this I swear
(The demons that hide inside
To the wild, why am I tired
How come I’m never there)


[Instrumental break]

[Outro: Cat Power]
And I, I wish I was here
And I, I wish I was here

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Nils Udo - 27, 1999

Nils Udo - 27, 1999

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